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Look: Josh Pate Responds to His Transfer Portal Prediction ‘Disaster’

Many people have a hard time admitting that they were wrong, and sometimes, they’ll flat-out refuse that it’s even a possibility.

Those same types of people will take a stance, knowing full well that they’re wrong, and argue their take into oblivion.

Josh Pate is not one of those people.

Last month, Pate issued several warnings to the college football community that a major storm was coming in the form of the spring transfer portal window.


After speaking with several sources before the portal opened, Pate predicted that this transfer portal window was “gonna get really crazy in April.” He went as far as to say that, “it will be the wildest transfer portal era that you’ve ever seen. And it’s gonna completely gut some of your teams.”

Well, we’ve reached the other side of the portal window, and it’s safe to say that the chaos we were warned of didn’t truly come to pass.

Pate has been right so many times before that his credibility doesn’t really take a shot here, but, being a man of integrity, the Lake Kick host did what any real man would do.

He donned a clown nose and took this one on the chin.


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