How to Watch the Big 12 on ESPN+ (ESPN Plus)

As the sports television landscape continues to change rapidly, the Big 12 is now playing many of its games across all sports on ESPN+ (ESPN Plus). For Big 12 fans, ESPN+ has become a must because several games are going to be placed on the platform.

All Big 12 fans can sign up here through our link for $10.99 per month, or save over 15% with an ESPN+ Annual Plan at $109.99 per year and cancel at any time.

Sign up for ESPN+ now to stream live Big 12 games!

Also, ESPN+ will be valuable for you if you’re more than just a Big 12 fan. ESPN+ is a must-have for UFC fans in the U.S. An ESPN+ subscription provides exclusive access to UFC Fight Night every week, plus the entire MLS Live out-of-market schedule, featuring more than 250 games. Also, the subscription will provide tennis fans the only way to catch every minute of the U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon, along with over 180 NHL games.

Sign up for ESPN+ now to stream live Big 12 games!


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