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Jamie Pollard Believes Big Ten, SEC Could Start Relegating Teams

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With college athletics continuing to change rapidly, individuals around the world have begun to express their disdain for its current direction.

The latest person to come forward is Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard, who spoke to members of the media regarding the greedy agendas of those in power.


Pollard started by discussing the negative effects of conference realignment, including the idea that certain teams across the country could be relegated from their leagues in the near future.

“You have to look at the evolution,” Pollard said. It isn’t just the SEC and Big Ten. It’s those that have all the gold and make all the rules. So if I were a member of the Big Ten or the SEC, I’d start looking over my shoulder and wondering when the day is going to come when the top of the SEC’s not going to want the bottom of the SEC.”

While Pollard was openly critical of the model of college athletics, the Big 12 Conference is entering one of the most competitive and stable eras in league history with 16 allied members. Pollard and the Cyclones are one of five original members remaining from the Big Eight.

Pollard wrapped up his thoughts by saying, “Go back and look at the times when the AFL and the NFL merged. They only needed one commissioner. And when the ABA and the NBA merged, they only needed one commissioner. There’s going to come a day when they don’t need two six-million-dollar-a-year commissioners. They’re going to eat their own, and if you think that’s not going to happen, you’re a fool.”

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