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Bill Connelly on Oregon State, Washington State Future: ‘The Big 12 is a Wildcard’

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While conference realignment has done wonderful things for the Big 12 Conference and stabilized the league in an ever-changing climate, Washington State and Oregon State are in a unique situation following the collapse of the Pac-12.

ESPN’s Bill Connelly spoke on what the future may hold for the pair and mentioned the Big 12 as a possible landing spot.


“I do think the Big 12 is kind of a wildcard from the perspective of they seem to be willing to create a 32-team conference if the dynamics are right,” Connelly said on 1080 the Fan. “They’re willing to take a big swing, and they’ve already taken one. I can’t tell what a timeline like that would be. Obviously, the next step is the revenue-sharing aspect and what groups that form. That’s probably the next step, I don’t see the Big 12 doing anything before then.”

Connelly discussed the possibility of the Big 12 Conference continuing to expand into a hypothetical super-conference with 32 league members, which would add the two teams to the conference. He also discussed the possibility of the two remaining teams reviving the Conference of Champions with new league members outside of Power Conference football.

“When there’s a big breakdown, and suddenly, only the teams that can pay 15 million a year to their football players end up in this other level, we’ll see. My main recommendation is just to be good at football, and that’ll solve a few of the problems.”

While college football fans have seen a multitude of hypotheticals regarding Oregon State and Washington State joining a power conference, unfortunately for fans of both teams, for now, hypotheticals are all they are.

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