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Watch: Quinn Ewers Promo for College Football 25 Video Game

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The hype surrounding College Football 25 reached new heights on Thursday, as EA Sports revealed the game’s release date alongside an official look at the cover for the game.

What has fans most excited, though, is that EA will provide a “full reveal” of the game on Friday, giving us our first real look at what the gameplay might look like and how the game itself will function.

One of the most memorable parts of playing any video game is what you experience when starting the game for the first time. The loading screen and intro set the tone, and with “EA Sports, It’s In the Game” as a part of the nostalgia associated with this title, there’s no doubt that there will be some goosebumps around the world on July 19.


While it’s not official gameplay footage, we got a taste of what that might look like on Thursday, with Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers starring in a promo video for the game.

Check it out.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Longhorns, that’s liable to make you want to run through a brick wall.

With how far technology has come in the decade since we had an official college football video game, the expectations for the look and feel of this game are sky-high. And with three years of development, there’s been plenty of time for the developers to pour their heart and soul into this one.

Will it be welcomed by the college football fan community, or will it be a knockoff Madden game based mostly around Ultimate Team micro-transactions? We won’t know for certain until we get a better look at things, but the early returns from people who’ve seen the game say that it’s going to exceed expectations.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’m already in love with the game. I haven’t seen any gameplay of it yet, but you already know it’s getting preordered ASAP.

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