Jimbo Fisher Calls Some ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 Teams ‘Glorified Junior Colleges’

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Despite currently not having a job, former Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher has an opinion.

The former Aggies’ coach spoke in a recent interview with Sirius XM and mentioned his beliefs that teams in leagues outside of the Big Ten and SEC are turning into “Glorified junior colleges.”


“Here’s what’s happening, all of your mid-majors and a lot of your not-mid-majors, I’m going to say some of your ACC, Big 12, old Pac 12, some of those leagues, they’re becoming glorified junior colleges,” Fisher said. “And some of those teams used to battle for playoffs and have great teams. They took that three-star guy or that four-star guy you missed, and they developed him into a heck of a player, and he became a great player at their school.”

While the Big 12 Conference is entering one of the most stable times in league history with the addition of the “Four Corner” schools and 12 stable members, Fisher elected to take aim at the Texas Tech Red Raiders in his rant.

“How about Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech? Would he have ever stayed at Texas Tech? Somebody would have come and got him,” Fisher said. “You know what I’m saying? And what’s happening, your haves are out there saying, ‘Okay, I need a corner, and I need a tackle, and I need a running back.’ And they’re going to these four-year schools and just selecting, and those guys are really becoming glorified junior colleges, and it’s a shame. I mean great college football programs that have won big in the past and have had tremendously great players. But that’s what’s changed.”

Despite Fisher’s claims, the Big 12 Conference has managed to find stability under league commissioner Brett Yormark and has commended immense respect from media members everywhere, including Josh Pate, who recently dubbed the league “America’s Conference.”

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