Look: EA Sports Releases ‘Full Reveal’ for College Football 25

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

On Thursday, EA Sports gave the world its first official look at the cover athletes for College Football 25, which has become one of the most anticipated video games in recent memory.

The buildup to its release, which is now confirmed to be July 19, has given college football fans so much to get excited about, yet so little information about the game has been revealed to us.

Despite the cover and release date being unveiled, the most intriguing part of yesterday’s announcement from EA was that the company would do a “full reveal” of the game on Friday, May 17.

Well, it’s here, and it’s glorious.


I don’t know about you, but I had goosebumps the entire time.

EA Sports clearly focuses on capturing the pageantry and tradition of college football, and that alone has set this game up for major success.

Many fans have been incredibly worried that EA’s newest title is a Madden reskin. The focus is on the “Ultimate Team” game mode, which is largely affected by micro-transactions.

However, based on reports prior to the reveal and what has been revealed this morning, it might be safe to assume that’s nowhere near the case for College Football 25.

The game will be released on July 19, but purchasing the Deluxe Edition will grant fans access to the game three days earlier, on July 16.

You can preorder the game now at EA’s website, the Microsoft Store, or the PlayStation Store.

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