How to Bet on Anything: A Guide to the Request a Bet Feature

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The online sports betting industry has recorded a massive boom in recent years. Today, millions of people place wagers daily from the comfort of anywhere or even while on the go. Top bookmakers like this website cover multiple markets on thousands of sports events, providing countless opportunities for bettors to win real money.

However, you’d agree that there are times you’ve had an excellent idea for a bet on a specific event only to find your bookmaker does not offer it. This is where the request-a-bet comes in.  This feature allows bettors to dream up and create their own custom bets. It works by online bookmakers giving bettors the opportunity to bet on anything they want.

This article takes a closer look at the request-a-bet feature and how you can use it to bet on anything. Let’s dive right in!

Understanding the Request a Bet Feature

Traditionally, bookmakers offer predetermined odds on betting outcomes. Bettors typically have to wager on whatever catches their fancy from the list or wait till when an event starts to place live wagers at fluctuating odds. However, the request-a-bet feature flips the script entirely on this. The feature is an exciting innovation that allows punters to propose specific or custom bets unavailable in bookmakers’ standard betting market.

With the request a bet feature, you can request a single unique bet or combine multiple selections into a custom accumulator bet. If the bookmaker finds the request feasible, they will accept it and create a custom wager you can add to your bet slip and put money on.

The best part about the request-a-bet feature is that it goes beyond sports. Most bookmakers will also allow you to create custom bets on anything as long as it is a popular event and will have a well-defined outcome. For example, you can request a bet on upcoming celebrity awards, political elections, reality TV shows, and so much more.

However, you should also note that only some major sports betting sites offer this feature, and not all bet requests get accepted.

How to Request a Bet

Request a bet feature works differently from the regular standard betting process. Here, you need to directly contact the sportsbook and put in the request for what you want, usually through X (formerly Twitter). Highlighted below is the general step-by-step process you will need to follow to request a bet with most bookmakers:

Step 1: Pick and join a Sports Betting Site

The first step to being able to bet anything you want is finding the right sportsbook. While the request-a-bet feature has become quite popular recently, not every bookmaker provides it to their bettors. So, you need first to find a site that allows its players to customize their wagers and join it.

Step 2: Join X

X is the major communication most request-a-bet betting sites utilize for this feature. So, if you don’t already have an X account, create one. Once that’s done, follow the account of your chosen sportsbook on X.

Step 3: Send in the Bet Request

When you have a bet request you want to make, write it out in a tweet while using the bookmaker’s handle and the correct “#RequestABet” hashtag. For example, “YourOdds” is the appropriate hashtag for Williams Hill. So a bet request to the bookmaker will look like this, “@WilliamHill Erling Haaland to win Golden Boot and Ballon d’Or #YourOdds.” 

You should note that each sportsbook has specific hashtags for this feature. So, you must use the correct hashtag when requesting a customer wager, as you may not get a response otherwise.

Step 4: Wait for a Response

Now, you will have to wait for a response. Once the team in charge of the social media receives your bet request, they will pass it on to the traders, who will review it. If the traders deem the request feasible, they will price it up and provide fair odds for the bet based on its likelihood of occurrence.

Step 5: Place your Stake on the Custom Bet

Once the bookmaker approves your bet request, they will send you a reply tweet, usually containing the assigned odds price and a link. Once you click the link, the requested bet will be added to your bet slip. If you find the odds price offered on the custom bet agreeable, select your preferred stake and submit the bet slip. That’s it. If your prediction proves true, you will receive the appropriate payout winnings. Otherwise, you lose your stake.

Sportsbooks with Request a Bet

As mentioned, not every sportsbook offers this feature on their platforms. However, most of the biggest bookmakers allow players to request a bet on their platforms. From William Hill to Betway, Ladbrokes, and others, there are many sites where you can create custom bets online.

The table below shows the top bookmakers that offer the request a bet feature, the X handle, and the hashtag you will need to tweet when making a custom wager.

SportsbookX handleHashtag
William Hill@WilliamHill#YourOdds
Paddy Power @PaddyPower#Askpaddypower

Wrapping Up: Make your Request Well in Advance

The request-a-bet feature allows bettors to place bets on anything they can imagine online. The feature removed the usual limits where punters have to depend on whatever is available in the standard bet markets. If you think of a good idea for a wager, you just need to head to any of the applicable sportsbooks and make a request.

However, it’s important to always utilize this feature well in advance before the event takes place. This is because it may still take some time for the traders to consider the proposal and provide fair odds for the outcome. 

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