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Look: Finer Details of College Football 25 Starting to Trickle Out

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

Last week, football fans finally got the chance to see what the brand-new College Football 25 video game will look like, and it was incredible.

The trailer showed fans a lot of things to be excited about. From graphics and traditions to game modes and console compatibility.

But, the gameplay details and smaller features are the things that truly make the game either good or bad. We didn’t get to see those in the reveal trailer, but in the days that have passed since then, we’ve heard some of them start to emerge.


Mike Straw of Insider Gaming has brought some of the smaller, though still vital, aspects of the game to light this week. On Tuesday afternoon, Straw tweeted this.

The first note that the game is expected to become a yearly release isn’t really “news” to anyone following the game, but everything after that is very noteworthy.

Saying that the option offense will play “a big role in the gameplay” after the development team focused on it is interesting. There is virtually no option offense in Madden, and if the RPO-heavy offenses of college football are in this game, and used correctly, they will be incredibly difficult to stop.

The note about “Wear and Tear” being more noticeable in long games is interesting too. Hopefully the fatigue meter in this game differs from the one we see in Madden, but it would make sense for a player to be less effective in the last drive of the fourth quarter than he was to start the game.

The final note about there being a noticeable difference between top recruits and lower-rated ones will be fun to strategize around. When recruiting in dynasty mode, players will have to find the threshold at which prospects are worth pursuing and which ones are a waste of time.

From the sounds of it, this game is going to be incredibly realistic, and with less than two months to release, we don’t have long to wait and see for ourselves.

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