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Texas Just Lost its Last Big 12 Athletic Event

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arkansas vs Texas

The Texas Longhorns were knocked out of the Big 12 Baseball Tournament on Wednesday night with an 8-7 loss to Cincinnati.

And as Danny Davis from the Austin-American Statesman noted on X, this was the last Big 12 event the Longhorns were set to participate in, in any sport.


Texas was shocked on Tuesday night by Texas Tech and then Cincinnati finished off the Longhorns in the double-elimination tournament on Wednesday.

There’s something poetic about one of the new Big 12 teams sending the Longhorns on their way out the door from the conference they have despised and more or less tried to destroy since Day 1.

For the Big 12, there’s no doubt it’s not easy to lose a brand like Texas, but I don’t get the sense any Big 12 fan is going to miss the Longhorns. In my anecdotal experience, many Big 12 fans will miss Oklahoma and what they meant to the Big 12. They always felt more like “one of the guys”, so to speak.

Texas? Nah.


UT was always looking down from its ivory tower at the peons in the Heartland of America who were just lucky to be associated with such a brand, even if that brand never translated to the level of winning it should have in many of the biggest sports.

And with that, Texas baseball will march onto the NCAA Tournament. But their days of playing in Big 12 events are over as of Wednesday night.

Have a cold one, kick of the recliner and cheers to good times ahead in the Big 12 Conference. Oh, and join our free Big 12 message boards to chat with fellow fans.

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