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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Big 12 Baseball Postseason Projections

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All the automatic bids have been clinched and with conference tournaments in the rear view, the only thing left for college baseball is to find out who is going to make the postseason. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Monday for that, but before we see the big reveal, here are my Big 12 projections to give you an idea of which teams are going host a regional, make the tournament or potentially miss out.

Hosting a Regional


Before the Big 12 tournament even started, the Oklahoma Sooners were already a lock to host a regional in Norman. The conference record is there and their RPI is inside the top 15. But their run in Arlington made things interesting on a national level. Now the Sooners aren’t just set to host a regional, but potentially grab one of the Top 8 seeds, which would mean the road to Omaha would run through Norman.


Oklahoma State

The Cowboys won the Big 12 baseball tournament on Saturday and clinched a postseason spot. However, they were already in, no matter what happened in Arlington. With their success in Arlington, they earned a Regional hosting site, which was announced on Sunday evening.

Teams Who are In


While the Longhorns got bounced early from the Big 12 Tournament, they were one of those teams who were going to be in, no matter what. Their RPI was going to prevent them from hosting anyway, so a two-seed is likely going to be what they will get.

West Virginia

Much like Texas, West Virginia is going to get in. Their conference record is solid at 19-11, which never was a concern. And their RPI was never good enough to get a hosting bid, so a two-seed is probably the best they can do heading into Monday.


Bubble Teams


Some people aren’t worried about TCU, which is fine, but I don’t have the Frogs as high as others. Their conference record was mediocre (14-16) and their RPI is around 40, which is just ok. Maybe the name factors in for some people, but I do have TCU in as a three-seed.


The Knights record in the Big 12 wasn’t the best (14-15), but that RPI of theirs (33) is going to help their case tremendously. Plus, they made it all the way to the Big 12 semifinals which will only increase their chances even more. I think it’s safe to say UCF will get in.

Kansas State

Just like last year, Kansas State is going to be one of those teams who is going to be sweating during selection time. Their 15-15 conference record is serviceable, but their RPI is in the mid 40’s, which worries me. I know Pete Hughes had some strong words for the committee, but if I am a Kansas State fan, I am going to be on the edge of my seat come Monday.


Teams Who are Out


The Jayhawks were a nice story, but their RPI is in the 70’s which just isn’t anywhere good enough to get in. Sorry, Kansas fans.


Make no mistake, this Cincinnati team was probably the biggest surprise in the Big 12 this season. They were one of those teams on the bubble coming into the tournament, but they got bounced fairly quickly. The conference record is awesome (17-13), but their RPI is in the 60’s, which is in the danger zone.

Texas Tech

Coming into last week, Tach’s only chance of getting in was by winning the Big 12 tournament and they couldn’t quite pull it off.

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