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Fran Fraschilla on Chennedy Carter Cheap Shotting Caitlin Clark: ‘If I Were Coaching, We’d Knock Her A** Back to China’

While ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla primarily focuses on commentary surrounding Big 12 Basketball, on Saturday, Fraschilla mentioned his thoughts regarding WNBA players cheap-shotting Caitlin Clark.

Fraschilla reacted to a viral clip of Chicago guard Chennedy Carter knocking Clark to the ground and calling her some choice words. The ESPN commentator and former coach revealed his strategy in the event that he was coaching the Fever.


“Clark’s tough enough to handle this (and the jealousy will abate soon), but if I were coaching the Indiana Fever, we’d be knocking Carter’s a— back to China where she played after playing herself out of the league the first time,” Fraschilla wrote.

The hits on Caitlin Clark have been piling up this season from members around the WNBA, and personalities around the world are beginning to take notice. When asked about the situation during post-game interviews, Carter simply stated, “I ain’t answering no Caitlin Clark questions.”

While Fraschilla’s comments may not be the first to suggest that the Fever need an enforcer on the team to take care of their own, his words have been echoed by millions worldwide. Until something changes, however, watching Caitlin Clark get the Jordan treatment appears to be a trend with no end in sight.

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