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Arizona State’s Kenny Dillingham on Recruiting: ‘I Want Kids Who Want to Be Here’

While recruiting in college athletics currently involves many differing variables, Arizona State‘s Kenny Dillingham is distilling it down to one key principle.

In a recent interview with 247Sports, Dillingham mentioned that he “wants kids who actually want to be here.”


“I want kids who actually want to be here,” Dillingham said. “I’m an alumnus, born and raised here. This is my dream job. I want people who want to be here and have a passion about it. Not somebody that I have to say to ‘Put a smile on your face,’ it is the opposite of that.”

Dillingham’s passion for ASU is refreshing in the modern era of college football, which features constant changes for players, coaches, and fans. Dillingham is entering his second season at the helm in Tempe and will lead the team into its first season as a member of the Big 12 Conference.

“You better be a multiplier in our program. We don’t have dividers here. If you’re a divider, this ain’t for you. If you don’t wake up for today with a purpose, it ain’t for you. I don’t care if you’re a five-star or four-star; it doesn’t matter. I want people who enjoy this and love this crap.”

Arizona State football kicks off the 2024 season on Saturday, August 31st, against the Wyoming Cowboys.

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