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Social Media Shares Best Big 12 Name Change Ideas

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Reports started to fly on Thursday morning that the Big 12 was looking into two unique ways to try and create some cash flow for the conference.

The first report, from CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, was that the Big 12 is considering a private equity investment of up to $1 billion in exchange for up to 20% stake in the conference. A cash infusion of that magnitude would put the Big 12 in the same ballpark as the Big Ten over the next several years.

Then, shortly after that report, ESPN’s Pete Thamel broke the news that the Big 12 was exploring a naming rights partnership, and Brett McMurphy added that Allstate was the company to watch for to land those rights.


This second report seems to have people talking. Could we really see the Big Allstate Conference or the Allstate 12? Yes, as crazy as it sounds, that could be the future of the Big 12.

Although, there are those on social media who have some better names in mind. On Thursday afternoon, we posed this question on Twitter.

The responses, along with some of the other suggestions we saw floating around the internet, were too good not to share.


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