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Watch: Kenny Dillingham Pranks Players with Competition for Fake Copies of CFB25

For the first time in over a decade, college football players will get the chance to play as themselves on a video game. EA Sports College Football 25 is set to officially release on July 19, ending an 11-year hiatus of a licensed college football video game.

Fans of the NCAA Football series are beyond excited to get their hands on the game, but the fanbase for the game extends beyond the butts in seats on college football Saturdays. The players are ecstatic about the game’s return, too.

Knowing that, Arizona State head coach Kenny Dillingham thought he might play a prank on his team this week, and he pulled it off flawlessly.


The rules were simple. There were four “copies” of the game, that inconspicuously showed up in the mail, and the four players who could hold a plank the longest would be able to play the game about a month ahead of everyone else.

This “Special Edition” Arizona State version of CFB25 had the Sun Devils ready to run through a brick wall, and so the plank competition began.

At the end, players from each group were awarded their copy of the game, and Dillingham, instructed the players to show the game to the cameras and then open it at the same time so that the team could take advantage of the social media opportunity with the team.


However, when the players opened up the case, they instead found a copy of The Goofy Movie, which makes it all that much better.

“He dead wrong,” one of the players laughed.

The anticipation for the game is incredible, and for a few Sun Devils, the anticipation is probably even higher now.

The good news is, with just about a month left until the game drops, there’s not much longer for them to wait.

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