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Look: It’s Easier to Get Drunk at These Big 12 Football Stadiums

No matter what sporting event you are attending, there are a few things that are a must-get when visiting the concession stand. If you are at a baseball game, you get a beer and a hot dog. That, to me, is America’s pastime and especially true if your team has a “Dollar Dog Night.”

As for football, things get a little more interesting. While there may not be a traditional food at football games (mostly because eating at the tailgate is so much better), one thing is for certain: You ALWAYS get an ice-cold beer, that is, if the stadium sells it.

On Wednesday, I saw a tweet from the College Football Report regarding beer prices at college football stadiums. Since every school may not be on the list, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on it while sipping on a cold one myself!


Here’s a look at the Big 12 beer prices on the list, ranked from highest to lowest.

Beer Prices at Big 12 Stadiums in 2023 (Per @oddspedia)

  • Colorado – $12.00
  • Arizona State – $10.00
  • UCF, West Virginia – $9.00
  • Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arizona – $8.00
  • Cincinnati – $7.50
  • Kansas, Kansas State – $6.00
  • TCU – $3.00
  • BYU, Utah, Baylor, Iowa State – Did not sell beer (You poor, poor souls)
  • Houston – Not Listed

Too Expensive – Colorado, What Are You Smoking?!

First of all, Tennessee, what is going on? You may be on Rocky Top, but those beer prices are going to have my wallet hitting rock bottom. Below them, I see our first Big 12 school on the list with Colorado.

Prime Time must mean prime beer prices because twelve bucks for a beer in Boulder seems steeper than the Rocky Mountains. I’d have to sample some Colorado goodies before I felt comfortable paying for a few beers there.


Seeing Arizona State at ten dollars caught me off guard. Selling beer at the same price as Alabama seems crazy to me.

Reasonable Pricing – These Are Acceptable

Then you have UCF and West Virginia at nine bucks. To me, that is a little high but not bad at all. Plus, after you sip on a little homemade shine in the parking lot, it may make the decision a bit easier to pay for a brew.

Down below the NCAA average are Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Arizona. Eight dollars is fair to me, but Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy may not think so. A few years ago, Mike said: “Maybe we need to reduce the beer prices so so many of them don’t go out at halftime and drink. We need to get it where they can buy it in here to keep it going.” I must say that I agree with Mike here. Lower ALL the beer prices and keep people from going back out.

Cincinnati is a shade under eight dollars, and as someone who has yet to make the trip to Nippert Stadium, do they sell Cincy Light there? If so, I need to go.


Downright Bargain – They’re Doing it Right in Fort Worth.

Now, we are making our way into budget-friendly territory. Both Kansas and Kansas State sell beer for six bucks a pop. That is a pretty darn good deal if I’ve ever seen one. Heck, I went to an LSU baseball game earlier this year and paid twelve bucks for a tall beer—and that was at a baseball game!

Speaking of budget-friendly, my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head when I saw the prices in Fort Worth. TCU is selling beer for three dollars a piece? I would whip out a crispy twenty-dollar bill and tell them to keep ‘em coming. It gets hot in Fort Worth, and nothing would be better than watching a football game with an ice-cold beer for three bucks.

If your school wasn’t on the list, don’t blame me. Maybe they couldn’t get the price, or they don’t sell beer. And if your school is one of the ones that don’t sell beer, I am truly sorry. Life is always a little bit better with a cold beer by your side.

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