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Tim Brando Explains Why Big 12 Teams Should Want to Play on Friday Nights

With the addition of Friday night games for the 2024 college football season, Fox Sports play-by-play broadcaster Tim Brando discussed with Heartland College Sports about why he thinks this is a great opportunity for the Big 12.

Some notable matchups include Arizona vs. Kansas State on Friday, Sep. 15, Houston vs. TCU, and Arizona State vs. Utah on Friday, Oct. 4.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah are all set to join the Big 12 ahead of the 2024 season.


Brando believes that “if you are a Big 12 team in particular, I think you want to be on Friday nights because you’re going to have a lot more eyeballs on your games then maybe when you’re playing on Saturday and you’ve got a great game, but it’s going in that 3:30 window.”

“The Friday games, I think, could really get a lot of attention,” Brando added. “That’s what those teams in the Big 12 need.”

Brando discussed the anticipation surrounding this new plan and mentioned that Michael Mulvihill, FOX’s Vice President of all things television-related, has high expectations for the Friday night games.

“He (Mulvihill) has said that he is more excited about this than anything in college football that FOX has had,” Brando mentioned. “And he was the author of the Big Noon franchise.”

“It is going to be presented as a big deal on Big FOX, and the games themselves are pretty good,” he said. “The package begins Week 3 of the regular season and runs through the rest of the year.”

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