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Look: College Football Teams Beefing Over Who Has Cheapest Stadium Beer

In a hilarious back-and-forth between Tulane University and the University of Louisiana, college football fans worldwide watched as the two programs fired shots at one another over which team had the most affordable stadium beer.

The situation generated responses from millions of individuals across the world, including ESPN’s Pete Thamel, who set the record straight about who actually has the best-priced beer.


The tweet that sparked the debate came from Tulane Football as shown below.

Shortly after Tulane posted a graphic claiming that they have the cheapest beer in college football, Louisiana Football responded with a graphic of its own.


ESPN’s Pete Thamel called on some sources to clarify the situation and confirmed that Louisiana was telling the truth.

While the Ragin’ Cajuns may have made some new fans with their affordable alcohol, BYU also emerged as a winner in the situation with an incredible graphic of their own.

In the end, as it’s often said, all is fair in love, beer, chocolate milk, football, and war.

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