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Should College GameDay Bring Pat McAfee Back?

One of my favorite things to do on a college football Saturday is start my day with a good old cup of coffee and turn on College GameDay. It’s been a tradition of mine for years and I don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon.

As much as I gripe about ESPN, College GameDay is one of the VERY few shows that is watchable. Is anyone really watching Get Up or any of the other mindless garbage they show on that channel? I didn’t think so, either. If not for live sports, I probably wouldn’t even watch ESPN.


But as much as I like College GameDay, at one point, the show got a little stale. As we all know, Lee Corso’s health isn’t getting any better, and the fact that they let him do anything besides the headgear pick is beyond me. And don’t even get me started on them getting rid of David Pollack instead of Desmond Howard.

One of the best things ESPN has done in the last ten years is hire Pat McAfee. The former NFL kicker turned media superstar has brought life and energy to a company that desperately needed it. McAfee talks like a guy in a sports bar and is much more relatable to sports fans like me.

It appears that not everyone shares my opinion. We are about two months away from the start of the season, and Pat McAfee has still not been given a new contract.

Kirk Herbstreit, another analyst on the show, made it known that he wants McAfee to return as he told the former NFL punter, “If you dare even think of leaving College GameDay, I’m leaving with you. I am. I am. I’m dead serious.”

Whether you like McAfee or not, you must admit that he brings the energy that ESPN and College GameDay desperately need. There’s a reason why ESPN signed him to a five-year, 85-million-dollar deal: They need people like Pat to draw eyeballs to the product.

It would be dumb of ESPN not to bring him back on the show, but then again, it is ESPN we are talking about.

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