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EA Sports CFB 25 Player Opt-Ins Climb to 14,000

EA Sports College Football Video Game

According to a recent report from On3NIL, more than 14,000 college football players worldwide have elected to opt-in to the upcoming release of EA Sports College Football 25.

The reported numbers are up roughly 3,000 athletes from the last report, which stated that over 11,000 players had opted into the game.


While all players featured in the game were originally thought to receive $600 and a copy of the game’s release, Matt Brown of Extra Points clarified that the contract sent to athletes deliberately states, “Opting in does not guarantee your NIL will be included in the game.”

He then mentioned that EA plans to use an 85-man roster for each team, but of the 14,000 players to sign the contract, a portion of the game features a “LOT” of walk-ons who have already signed the contract.

Brown mentioned that checks are expected to be sent out on July 1st, 2024, which signifies which athletes will actually be featured in the game and which will not. The effort of adding in each of the 14,000 signees is a “big logistical lift” for the franchise, which will certainly turn some heads upon the release date, should the company see it through.

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