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Look: EA Sports Announces College Football 25 ‘Rankings Week’

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

On Monday, EA Sports revealed that another info dump for College Football 25 is coming this week, announcing “Rankings Week” from Tuesday, June 25, to Friday, June 28.

Throughout the week, EA Sports will give a deeper look into the game and some of the features that fans have been starving to learn about.

This latest update from the CFB25 social media team clearly outlines what to expect each day this week. Take a look for yourself.


Here’s an easy breakdown of the list and what we expect to get answers on during each day of the week.

‘Rankings Week’ Schedule and Expectations

Tuesday (6/25): Toughest Places to Play

Which stadiums will be the hardest environments to play in as a road opponent when the game launches. Not sure how much this will change from week-to-week (if at all), but would expect it to be updated every year.

Wednesday (6/26): Sights & Sounds Deep Dive

A deeper look at what the stadium ambience will be like. Things like the songs being played throughout the stadium, unique chants from each fan base, unique fight songs for each band, broadcasting team information, etc.


Thursday (6/27): Top Offenses & Defenses

The top teams in terms of offensive rankings and defensive rankings. Would assume we can expect a Top 25, given it’s “College Football 25” and Top 25 rankings is such an integral part of college football.

Friday (6/28): Overall Team Power Rankings

The Top 25 teams in College Football 25, which will likely be the way that we see the Top 25 rankings look when the game launches next month.

College Football 25 will officially release on June 19, but can be played on June 16 for those who preorder the game.

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