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Look: EA Sports College Football 25 ‘Sights and Sounds’

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo with renderings in background.

On Monday, EA Sports announced that June 25-28 is “Rankings Week,” as the company gets set to relaunch a reimagined edition of one of its biggest titles, College Football 25.

On Tuesday, EA released its list of “Toughest Places to Play,” and was met with a healthy dose of criticism after deeming Texas A&M’s Kyle Field as the most difficult road environment in college football.

However, EA would make up for it with what it dropped for fans on Wednesday.

In the second installment of Rankings Week, EA released its “Sights and Sounds Deep Dive,” which gave us a real glimpse into the work and dedication that went into making every gameday atmosphere feel unique.


To say that fans were excited about the results would be the understatement of the year.

At just over three minutes, this deep dive gives fans from all over the country a taste of some of the best Saturday traditions in college football.

After all, it’s the pageantry and passion that happens outside of the whistles being blown that makes this the greatest sport in the world.

The reaction on social media showed just how stoked fans are for this game, with over 2.6M views on Twitter alone at the time of this story.

College Football 25 officially releases three weeks from tomorrow, July 19, but can be played on June 16 for those who decide to preorder the game.

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