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Look: EA Sports Unveils College Football 25 Dynasty Mode Deep Dive

College Football 25 Dynasty Mode Deep Dive

The anticipation couldn’t get much higher with less than two weeks left until the release of EA Sports College Football 25, the first licensed college football video game in 11 years.

Last week, we got a look at several features of the game with EA’s “Rankings Week,” which ranked the game’s toughest places to play, best offenses and defenses, and best overall team ratings.

The offensive and defensive ratings — particularly those for Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes — were a particular point of contention among fans.


In addition to those rankings, we also took a “Deep Dive” into the sights and sounds of the game, which gave fans an idea of what its atmosphere will feel like in gameday environments.

On Tuesday, though, we got the Deep Dive that the fans have been waiting for: College Football 25 Dynasty Mode.

The most popular game mode of the old NCAA College Football games, Dynasty Mode, is said to have been the main focus of the game’s development team over the last few years. After taking a look at the 20,000-word article and six-minute reveal trailer for the mode, it’s easy to see that’s the case.

If you were hoping for an immersive and in-depth experience when jumping on a Dynasty with your friends, then this is exactly the kind of thing you were looking for.


EA appears to have nailed the feeling of having full control of your favorite college football program, and the replayability of something this in-depth provides years of entertainment without much of an issue.

As long as the game functions well and appears just how it does in these Deep Dive videos, which is the expectation, there’s no possible way this isn’t the best football video game we’ve ever seen.

If you want more details on the Dynasty Deep Dive, check out EA’s entire article on the game mode.

What did you think? Let us know, and hop in the forums to get plugged in with other CFB25 fans at Heartland College Sports!

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