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Big 12 to Partner With TuneIn Radio on 24/7 Audio Station

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The Big 12 is expected to announce its new audio home on the opening day of the conference’s Media Days with a brand-new partnership with TuneIn.

The new partnership will allow the Big 12 to launch a 24/7 audio station that is dedicated to all things Big 12 sports.

The league was set to renew its rights with SiriusXM, where Big 12 Radio was live for years, but instead opted into a new venture with TuneIn. According to SBJ, country music icon — and Oklahoma State alum — Garth Brooks served as a facilitator on the deal thanks to his involvement with both TuneIn and the league, as he’s a member of the Big 12 Business Advisory Board.


Since taking over as Big 12 Commissioner, Brett Yormark has been spearheading an effort to make the Big 12 the most forward-thinking league among its peers, and this move to an app-based audio content source is just another step in that process.

The 24/7 audio network will be free to listen to, while a premium option will be available. This option will provide live game commentary for football and men’s and women’s basketball from all Big 12 schools.

“We see tremendous growth over the next three-to-five years for college sports,” TuneIn CEO Rich Stern told SBJ. “Part of that is about how the economics of college sports are changing, but also we see it in the fandom today and we see it in the interest of our partners.”


Under Yormark, the Big 12 has been exploratory in revenue-producing ventures of all sorts, including private equity and naming rights partnerships. It’s ideas and thinking like this that gives the folks around the Big 12 confidence in their leadership, and why people like Stern are so excited to work with him.

“It’s very easy to kind of keep doing what everyone else has been doing year-over-year and say ‘Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’” Stern said. “But I think [Yormark] has the benefit of coming in, not only with a fresh set of eyes, but with a new set of rules that are very new and that everyone’s still rationalizing. 

“While I think all the other conferences are still trying to figure out what [these changes] mean for them, he’s taken the initiative. He’s grown the team tremendously on the conference side and he’s willing to, I think, try things, experiment and lean into the opportunity here in ways that others I’m sure will follow.”

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