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2019 NFL Draft

Victor you're right.... they do, but some just don't listen. Coaches try to tell them to stay, but they all think they'll be the one who surprises everybody. I'm shocked both weren't drafted, but gotta believe they had good forewarning they were overvaluing themselves in this whole process. Very sad! It would be great if they were going to be back in Austin and Lubbock, respectively, this season.

Texas is the Bargain Bin of the NFL.  I think there will be 3 and maybe more undrafted free agents that make rosters:

- Andrew Beck - Patriots

- Gary Johnson - Chiefs

- Lil Jordan Humphrey - Saints

Others with a shot:

- P.J. Locke - Steelers

- Davante Davis - Seahawks

- Chris Nelson - Steelers

- Calvin Anderson - Patriots

- Breckyn Hager - Giants



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