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Big 12 Basketball Week 9 Action

Any chance of a KU letdown tonight vs. OSU who has been playing some pretty darn good hoops?

HOW is WVU still ranked? Is college basketball really that mediocre?

Tuesday's slate is highlighted by OU/TTU as OU can't collapse down the stretch or the Big 12 could only get 4 teams in the tourney.

Bill Self rarely allows let down games. I think OSU could lead at half but if so Bill will give the team an earful and get them back on track. KU by 12

Call it either Parity or mediocre. There is no absolutely dominate team or rock solid second tear teams this year. There might be 5 or 6 teams that could win it all and the rest could easily be knocked out of the NCAA tournament the first weekend. I expect this March to be completely MAD!!!

I prefer the Big 12 to get a minimum number of teams into the tournament this year. I want our record against all other conferences to be on the positive side and a bunch of 12-16 seeds could devastate that chance. Let the ACC get 10 teams in and have only 2 teams in the sweet 16.

TONIGHT - Iowa State vs. TCU is meaningless... Baylor should roll KSU ...

TTU Oklahoma is interesting. An OU win probably gets them into the tourney for good. Another loss after the OSU debacle... Not sure if the slide continues.

Interesting thought on getting the minimum number of Big 12 teams in to have deep runs rather than the ACC model. Big East looks like it'll have a bunch in as well.

Did OU get off the bubble last night? Boy this conference is so up and down after BU and KU.

Quote from Pete Mundo on February 26, 2020, 1:19 am

TONIGHT - Iowa State vs. TCU is meaningless...

Au contraire, the game was an important one for Iowa State. Postseason goals may be out of reach, but it's important for the young team to experience success. It would be easy to lose the team after losing badly to Kansas and Tech. Getting back to winning ways helps team morale and gives something to build on for the future. There is still a chance to avoid the Wednesday games in the Big 12 tournament. The worst thing about playing on Wednesday is having to face Kansas or Baylor on Thursday.

There's still a lot of pride for Cyclone basketball. And for the optimist, the Cyclones are only 2 games out of 4th with 3 to play. Fourth place is still mathematically possible. Iowa State has to win the remaining three games (only the game at OSU considered to be an upset per Sagarin), then the only other upset that is necessary is TCU to upset Oklahoma. This would result in a 4-way tie for fourth.

With so much parity in the league this year, I'd put chances of Iowa State winning out at 1 in 8.

Quote from Pete Mundo on February 26, 2020, 10:06 pm

Did OU get off the bubble last night? Boy this conference is so up and down after BU and KU.

I think OU has a solid resumé and for the sake of the conference, I hope they make it to the tournament. They need their big 3 of Reaves, Manek, and Doolittle to have solid games down the stretch. Their supporting cast has talent, but if they're going to continue to win, they're going to need those 3 to rise to the occasion. The other night against Tech they got 19 from Doolittle, 15 from Manek, and 11 from Reaves. That's a solid night for those three and they're going to need to do that going towards KC.

I agree on all fronts.

What are the odds that we get Brawl 2.0 in Manhattan? LOL. That might be the most interesting part of today's Big 12 slate.

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