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Big 12 NCAA Tournament seeds

Is it just me or did the Selection Committee screw the Big 12?!

OK State might've been a 2 seed had they beaten Texas, no they're a 4 seed?! One of the hottest teams in America. Then I thought Texas should've been a 2 seed. Baylor got a tough draw with UNC likely in Round 2. Plus, OU as an 8 seed and having to face Gonzaga?

It just seems like total disrespect for the conference, which was the second-best conference in the nation this year behind the Big Ten and arguably the deepest.



KU with a nasty 2nd round game vs 6 seeded USC. Most computers says USC will be favored.

OU got hosed hard. 5 quadrant 1 wins and theyre an 8 seed? I know they lost 5 recent games but they are all extremely competitive losses and almost exclusively to top 4 seeds. Clemson USC and Florida have higher seeding..... what the heck?!


Oklahoma State resume compares favorably to Ohio States..... yet theyre a 4 and Ohio St is a 2.


Kansas was given a favorable seeding they probably didn't earn.

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