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BIG 12 Presason Poll!

So here is how the five HCS staff members voted:


And in FULL transparency, here was my poll!

  1. Kansas State
  2. Texas
  3. Texas Tech
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Oklahoma State
  6. Iowa State
  7. TCU
  8. Baylor
  9. UCF
  10. Kansas
  11. BYU
  12. West Virginia
  13. Houston
  14. Cinci

What did I/We get wrong?!

Universal truth: Pre-season polls are just clickbait to fill the summer doldrums while we wait for the Pennant races to heat up in August.

I would move Kansas and Baylor up a notch. I think UCF has the potential to surprise some folks. September can't come soon enough.

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I'm not denying that reality, but heck, it gets us all through the summer months, @bluecoog!

Agree on UCF, but admittedly I'm not as comfortable with the new teams, so I am going off my own bias here. Kansas is a total wild card, but that defense needs to show me something and I worry the offense is s a little gimmicky and it will be figured out by defenses. Baylor is a total unknown!

Your ballot is better than the final results, but I would still bet that WVU is in the top 10 this year.  WVU has never finished LAST in any conference that they have been a part of.  Also, Brown NEEDS to win or he is out. Some major boosters stood by him at the end of last season and put the onus on the AD.  Now the new AD will be judging his performance this season.

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