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Bounce Back Wednesday

After a super disappointing Tuesday, the Big 12 went 4-0 yesterday. Keep in mind there is only one Big 12 game left on Thursday before the weekend starts when teams get into three or four game series.

Texas Tech: 11, UNLV: 3-Tech was led by Jace Jung’s 3 home runs and a five run eighth inning.

Kansas: 3, Creighton:2 -Was a 2-2 ballgame in the seventh inning before Kansas first baseman Nolan Metcalf hit an RBI single to help seal the deal.

West Virginia: 8, Kent State: 0-Game was 8-0 after the first three innings but the big story was how pitchers Tyler Strechay, Dillon Meadows, Skylar Gonzalez and Jacob Waters combined for a no hitter.

Oklahoma: 13, Arkansas-Pine Bluff: 2- This game was never close as the Sooners continue to stay hot. This game was over early led by Right fielder Tanner Tredaway’s three RBI’s



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