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USF scores a touchdown on a trick play. Xavier Weaver winds up with the football on the reverse from Timmy McClain. It's a 3-yard score. It's USF's first touchdown of the night.

14 plays, 75 yards, 7:30 TOP

7:25 3rd Quarter

BYU 28 South Florida 13

BAylor Romney connects with brother Gunner Romney  for a 47-yard touchdown pass. BYU up 35-13 now with 5:40 remaining in the 3rd Quarter.

Drive: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:45 TOP

This is the first game BYU has eclipsed the 30-point mark.

With 3:03 remaining in the 3rd Quarter, USF answers BYU.

Jaren Mengham scores a 2-yard rushing TD. It's now BYU 35 USF 20

Drive: 5 plays, 52 yards, 2:30 TOP

End of the 3rd Quarter

BYU 35 South Florida 20


Baylor Romney: 19-22, 299 YDS, 3 TD

Timmy McClain: 13-19, 138 YDS


Tyler Allgeier: 10 CAR, 67 YDS, 2 TD

Jaren Mengham: 16 CAR, 62 YDS, 1 TD


Gunner Romney: 4 REC, 113 YDS, 1 TD

Xavier Romney: 3 REC, 51 YDS (plus a Rushing TD)

14:52 remaining

BYU attempts a field goal. USF blocks it.

Still 35-20 BYU.

USF starts at their own 6.

5:41 4th quarter

BYU 35 USF 27

Jaren Mangham scores a 1-yard touchdown on 4th & Goal

19 plays, 94 yards, 9:05

BYU wins 35-27. The Cougars improved to 4-0.

I am a BYU fan. Although I have been playing basketball not so long ago, I have been watching the games for a long time. I remember the first time my father took me with him to watch the game and told me all the rules.

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