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Compelling weekend games 2/29

I might be biased but the only game this weekend I'm looking forward to is the KU vs KSU fight rematch. I'm sure the octagon of doom will be rocking with a lot of hate flowing toward the Jayhawks after the last game beat-down, both metaphorically and literal.

All the games this weekend just seem boring with obvious outcomes. Tell me where I'm wrong!!!

I would tend to agree that the slate isn't all that appealing this week. However, I think there are two games that have similar feel to them.

Texas vs Texas Tech: Texas has been playing better as of late, but they still need any win they can get to improve the resumé. Tech on the other hand is in a spot to improve their seed. They killed my cyclones last weekend, but then followed it up with a loss at Oklahoma. They've had instances this year where they've looked like a top 15 team at times and then others where you'd be crazy to rank them.

Oklahoma vs West Virginia: What in the hell is wrong with the mountaineers? They were a projected two seed when CBS revealed the "Top 16" teams a couple weeks back, and now barely even look like a tournament team with the losses that continue to pile up. Oklahoma, similar to Texas, still has room to improve their body of work. They're coming off a nice home win over Tech, and could really get a string going into Kansas City if they could knock off WV on the road, which we all know is never an easy place to play.

Agreed it's generally not a great slate. You'd have to be a die hard Big 12 fan to lock into these games. But YES... FIGHT NIGHT in Manhattan?! (Or Fight Day?!)

Texas vs. Tech is interesting to see if Tech can get back on track and if Shaka keeps winning he just might save his job. Although John Beilien anyone?!

WVU has fallen off a cliff, so yes, with OU seemingly off the bubble but probably needing another couple of wins, this is a good game to keep an eye on.

But it all gets back to my original premise, only the die hards will watch these games for the reasons mentioned above. But hey, the diehards are the ones on Big 12 message boards anyway! 🙂

I'm sick. I find all Big 12 games interesting. I need a new hobby.

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Pete Mundo

I thought Baylor would slip up at some point this year, but not against TCU. Also, what a game by Dotson yesterday in Manhattan. The kid is fearless/relentless/savvy. Gonna be a fun last week to wrap up the regular season!

How about WVU? Our own Zach Campbell wrote yesterday about how the excuses need to stop and they needs wins:

And right on cue they lost again to OU. By the way, OU had a great weekend and must be in the tourney now right?

This conference could end up with two No. 1 seeds and then OU, TTU and WVU all like No. 8-11 seeds, which is a crazy disparity.

West Virginia is such an odd team right now. Just a few weeks ago they were projected as the last 2 seed in the NCAA tournament, and now they can't seem to buy a win. It'll be interesting to see how the committee evaluates their late season fall that they've been experiencing.

I still think Tech will have a chance to make a bit of a run in the tournament. Edwards, Ramsey, and Moretti can all knock down shots. I also think a 2 day turnaround is going to be really tough for any opponent they might play. You can only prepare for their defense so much, and you know that coach Beard will have his guys playing their tails off. Hypothetically, if they got into the tournament anywhere from a 7-10 seed and advanced, I can't imagine a 1 or 2 seed that would be very pleased drawing the Red Raiders in the Round of 32.

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