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HCS Preseason Poll Released!

Our five writers - Pete Mundo, Derek Duke, Matthew Postins, Cameron Brock and Dave Beall voted. Here is what we got:

  1. Oklahoma (5)
  2. Iowa State
  3. Texas
  4. TCU
  5. Baylor
  6. Oklahoma State
  7. Kansas State
  8. Texas Tech
  9. West Virginia
  10. Kansas

Where did we go right? Wrong?

Also, here is the official preseason poll from the Big 12 Conference. We all had one vote in that as well: http://www.big12sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=10410&ATCLID=211806812

1. Oklahoma (68) -- 761
    2. Texas (9) -- 696
    3. Iowa State -- 589
    4. TCU -- 474
    5. Oklahoma State -- 460
    6. Baylor -- 453
    7. Texas Tech -- 281
    8. West Virginia -- 241
    9. Kansas State -- 191
  10. Kansas -- 89

I think the Texas offense will take a big step up this season.  The offensive line has more talent/depth than it has had in since 2009.  There is an identity on offense for the first time since 2009.  Texas has its iconic starting QB in Ehlinger.  There are big time playmakers (Colin Johnson, Keaontay Ingram, Devin Duvernay) with talented newcomers that are poised to make a huge splash (Jordan Whittington, Jordan Moore, Jake Smith, Malcolm Epps, Brennan Eagles).

Texas success will come down to three questions:

  • If/when Sam Ehlinger is out can Casey Thompson keep the offense moving?
  • Is Texas going to be competent at MLB with Ayodele Adeoye/Caleb Johnson?
  • Are the young corners (Anthony Cook/Kobe Boyce/Jalen Green/D'Shawn Jamison) going to perform when the bullets are flying?

If Texas cannot positively answer any of those then they could lose 4-5 games.  If they can answer 2/3 I think they lose 2-3 games.  If they have answers for each of those questions then I think that the sky is the limit.  Personally I think Texas wins one of LSU/Oklahoma in the regular season and loses 1-2 of the following games (TCU, Iowa State, Baylor).  Depending on how the cookie crumbles with the rest of the league, 2-3 conference losses may or may not be good enough to play in the Big 12 Championship.  If Texas does make it to the CCG -AND- they play OU then I think they beat OU in the CCG.  If they play someone else (Iowa State/TCU/Baylor) I am not as certain about the outcome.  Regardless, I think Texas will be a very tough out when December rolls around.  I think the question marks on defense will be ironed out by then and the offense will be rolling.  I say all of that to say that I think #10 in the national polls and ranked anywhere between 1-3 in the Big 12 is probably around where I expect Texas to end the season.

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