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How hot is Shaka Smart's seat at Texas?

The Longhorns got blown out at WVU by 40 points. Shaka Smart is getting killed by media and fans...

How hot is his seat? He's recruiting well but can they really justify giving him more time? His buyout is over $10 mil so maybe...

Feel like this thread is still very relevant after Texas lost to my Cyclones over the weekend. I know Texas has had injuries recently, but let's not pretend like Iowa State is a great team after losing a lottery pick in Halliburton a week or so ago. Shaka has recruited really well since he's been in Austin, but for some reason that talent hasn't translated into top half of the conference finishes. I'm sure the administration is frustrated with the results and is leaning towards firing him, but that buyout is huge. However, when has money ever been an issue for Texas? I bet he's gone.

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