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Iowa State 2021 Defensive Targets Thoughts On The Cyclones

Welcome Iowa State fans, for the last few weeks I have done my best to provide you with the best recruiting coverage I can give out because you deserve it. I’ve seen what some of the other sites have to offer when it comes to Iowa State recruiting and quite frankly, your passionate fan base deserves better and not to mention, my coverage is ABSOLUTELY FREE! I appreciate all the follows on Twitter (@DerekDuke25) and the emails I have received over the last few weeks thanking me. I greatly appreciate it and I hope you continue to enjoy my coverage. Well, things are quiet as we are getting into the heart of the dead period (June 24th-July 24th) which means no visits or face to face contact with recruits. Phone calls or letters only. So, I thought this would be a good time to look ahead (Because it’s never too early) to the 2021 class and get some thoughts from them about the Cyclones. This post will feature 2021 defensive targets. Also, be sure to keep up with my Iowa State recruiting nits during the week labeled as “Bacon Bits” for any quick tidbits I have. I will only list the guys I have spoken with since it is still very early in most of these recruitments.


Iowa State has only offered four guys at WDE for the 2021 class and I have only been in contact with one as the others have been very hard to reach since their social media have very little activity in the last few weeks. I’ll keep digging here and if I get anything, I will post in one of the Bacon Bits posts when I do. Recruiting is a tricky game folks.


3-Star SDE Caleb Banks (Southfield, MI): Caleb was a little short with me, but he told me that Iowa State was a “Pretty Cool School” and that he “Hopes” to take a visit sometime. Take that with a grain of salt folks.

3-Star SDE Ru’Quan Buckley (Grand Rapids, MI): Ru’Quan told me that “Iowa State is a great school. I like the graduation and population rate and I would love to come visit sometime in the Summer.”

SDE Cade Denhoff (Lakeland, FL): Cade really went in depth when talking about Iowa State and here were some good things, he told me. “I’ve been following Iowa State for the past couple seasons and have enjoyed seeing how their defense has played and progressed. To get an offer from Iowa State was pretty cool.” As far as a visit goes, Cade said “I really wanted to get to one of their camps this summer but didn’t have an opening weekend and would love to get up there but don’t have any plans to visit anywhere just yet.”


4-Star DT Melvin Swindle (Oklahoma City, OK): Before I begin, I just want to mention that according to 247, Melvin is a top 175 player in the entire nation for the 2021 class. Melvin told me that he hasn’t been up there yet but “I plan on going up for an unofficial visit soon!”

3-Star DT Griffin Liddle (Bettendorf, IA): Griffin said, “I really like the coaching staff and I think they are a really good team that has a lot of potential in the upcoming years.” As far as a visit goes, he said that “I hope so, but we are not sure just yet. We are definitely going to try and make a game.”

3-Star DT Doran Ray (Detroit, MI): Doran didn’t have long to chat but he said that “Iowa State is a good school but I still haven’t taken a visit yet but I most definitely look forward to taking one when I talk to the staff.”

DT Allan Haye (Hollywood, FL): This may have been one of the more interesting conversations I have had with a recruit. “I just started playing football a couple months ago so as I interact with these schools, I gain knowledge about them. I’m not going to lie to you so I am just going to tell you that I don’t know that much about the school or program, but I know for sure that the defensive line coach has a lot of faith in me.” Allan also mentioned that he is “For sure” to take a visit up to Ames sometime.

DT Solomon Wright (Vian, OK): Solomon said “I haven’t talked to the coaches really since my early offer, but it is a good college from what I have seen! They have a pretty cool campus from pictures I have seen but I haven’t been there.” He also told the that he would go up for a visit, but no date was set quite yet.


3-Star ILB Bryan Sanborn (Lake Zurich, IL): Zach is a top 300 player in the nation for the 2021 class according to 247 and he told me that “Iowa State offered me before the dead period so I didn’t get a chance to visit with them but I am hoping to get out there some point this summer.”

3-Star ILB Kobe King (Detroit, MI): Kobe wrote me a novel, but I will get right to it. “Iowa State is a program on the rise because of coach Campbell. He is a great coach and he knows how to develop a program. They have a great coaching staff and they develop great players. With Iowa State offering me early in my recruiting process, I will be considering them high on my list. I would love to be coached by a great coach like coach Campbell and the great staff behind him. I plan on taking a visit sometime soon.”

3-Star ILB Collin Oliver (Edmond, OK): Collin has been impressed with Iowa State telling me that “Ever since getting the Iowa State offer, I have liked the way they carry themselves and they have a program that is getting bigger and better each season. That intrigues me a lot as well as their academics which is a huge part of why I like them as a school. I will be going up a lot during the school year and into my senior year.”


4-Star OLB Randolph Kpai (Sioux Falls, SD): Randolph may be the first person I have ever spoken with from South Dakota but don’t let where he is from fool you. He is ranked as a top 70 PLAYER IN THE 2021 CLASS. That’s big time and here is what he had to say about Iowa State. “The people at Iowa State have something really good going on there. They have a great coach and staff there as well. I would definitely take a trip back there and get to know more about the program and the people.” Randolph told me that he went there with a few teammates a few months back and he told me that it was a great trip.


3-Star CB Kalen King (Detroit, MI): Kalen didn’t have much for me, but he said, “I like Iowa State and I have just started talking with the coaches.” He also mentioned that he would like to visit but he doesn’t have a date in mind just yet.

CB Chase Lowery (Frisco, TX): Chase took a visit to Iowa State last year and told me that he will visit again this year. Here is what he told me. “Iowa State is a great school and they have great coaches. Out of all the schools I visited I would say they have the best facilities and a great atmosphere. Coach Campbell really knows what he’s doing when it comes to the program.”

CB Keuan Parker (Tulsa, OK): Keuan said “I have been there once earlier during the school year for a junior day. Their town truly is a college town. Coach Gordon is a real cool dude.” He did tell me that he hopes to go back up to Ames soon.

I am gathering a few things for safeties and athletes for the 2021 group. I haven’t had much luck with safeties, but I will have some good stuff on some high-profile athletes sometime this week on the boards so keep your eyes open for some Bacon Bits. I want to thank you for enjoying this FREE content and be sure to give me a follow me on Twitter @DerekDuke25.

Great write up! Thanks!

Steve Lingren

i just dont get all the pre-season hype on ISU

Quote from osugary on July 19, 2019, 12:09 am

i just dont get all the pre-season hype on ISU

It is mostly because they had a good year last year, they return a young stud of a QB and return pretty much everyone on the defense, which was top 3 in most categories.

BTW, I don't know what it is about OSU, but you guys are the only team to figure out how to beat ISU's defense. I mean seriously, ISU had 7 sacks against OSU and you still put up 42 points.

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