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Iowa State Recruiting Coming Back Soon

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for your patience and let you know that I haven't really posted much in almost two weeks. Iowa State did pick up a commitment from 3-Star DT Willis Singleton (Gurnee, IL) on Monday while I was gone. In case you didn't know it is still the dead period in recruiting until next week so news will continue to be much slower than normal until then. Also, I was at Big 12 Media Days up in Arlington for the past few days which kept me very busy working on stuff for the website here. Ok, I drank plenty while I was off but I know that's no good excuse and nobody will feel sorry for my hangovers. Anyways, I will try and get another update for the 2020 Iowa State Recruiting board and see where things still stand with some remaining prospects hopefully by the end of the month. If anything comes up or is breaking, I will be sure to hop back on here and give an update on anything involving Iowa State recruiting. Feel Free to follow me on Twitter (@DerekDuke25) for updates on ISU recruiting or just anything Big 12 football related as we gear up for the season ahead. Thanks and have a great evening or morning or afternoon or whenever you read this.

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