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Is Chris Beard worth being the 6th-highest paid coach in America?

After his huge deal with Tech, is Chris Beard worth being paid this much? I'd say yes, what he has done in Lubbock in a short period of time is incredible. But some might say he's not in the league of Coach K, Izzo and others.


I think if you're Tech, you have to pay him because you know that Texas is going to come calling sooner rather than later. I don't think he belongs in that elite coaching circle, and he might not be worth that price. However, if you have the money, why not throw it at him?

Yep I think that’s a great point. He may not be in that upper echelon, but is it worth haggling over $500,000 or so just to prove a point when you have the cash? Losing him to Texas would give tech fans nightmares for years to come.

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