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It’s been time

These were taken by 247 Texas beat guy Jeff Howe ten minutes before tip. Absolutely embarrassing and Texas AD Chris Del Conte hopefully has candidates lined up.

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It's not like Texas has historically had great attendance, but my god that is a pathetic showing. When fan support goes down the drain like that, it seems pretty clear that they aren't supporting their coach. Time to try and get Beard or Beilein

That’s worse than a KU football game. It seams UT is a football school only.

Keep an eye on John that he’s leaving the NBA. Texas could pay him a fortune.

Texas definitely has the money to do so, even with Shaka's buyout being as large as it is. If Texas ends up not making the tournament, I think Shaka has to be gone. He has recruited well, but the results have just not been there.

But this late push has been awesome and some bracketologists now have him in the Dance. Even if he comes up just short, he will have a case and his buyout might save him too!

Yeah I can't argue with that too much. A win or two in the Big Dance could very well save him. Last night was a big road win for the Longhorns and a team that I wouldn't want to play with their recent success.

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