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Killing Time

Obviously with the sports world on hold, many of us will have plenty of free time on our hands. Personally, I am trying to catch up on shows, movies and other things (Dust off the old Xbox 360 for NCAA 14) but I want to know, how will you be spending your time during this time?

Streaming shows/movies and house chores. As the weather warms up I plan on spending more time outside, including yard and house work. This might end up being a very sad and productive year for me without the joy of sports 🙁

This is painful.... yes, sports is a small part of it, but a week without sports has felt like six months. It's crazy how much we rely on it, even more than we might realize, to escape work and "real" life. I'm watching various Netflix shows in the meantime, trying to find some good movies as well. Amazon Prime. Any suggestions are welcomed. Heard "Hunters" on Amazon Prime is really good.

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