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KSU and Will Howard

Will Howard has done what’s needed in stepping up as the new starting quarterback to replace the injured Skyler Thompson.  As a true freshman with no game experience, he managed the offense to beat Tech Tech, TCU, and KU.  Those are not the toughest teams in the league.

The last half of the season gets harder.  KSU has to face the stout defenses of WVU and OSU.  They still have tough games against Texas, Iowa State, and Baylor as well.

Can Will Howard continue to improve fast enough to handle this challenging second half of the season?

I thought KSU had enough mojo to win yesterday... I am shocked by how bad it was. That being said, maybe this freshmen group were due for a performance like that @mreams99! Still, Klieman has been the coach of the year in the BIG 12 thus far and I hope it's a learning experience. But boy the way WVU bottled up Deuce Vaughn was impressive...

Like so many young players, Will Howard is gaining valuable experience this season.  So where does that leave Skylar Thompson should he choose to return next season?  The common response by coaches is we go with the person that gives us the best chance to win.

In K-State's situation, do you go with the proven QB who will have only one more year of eligibility, or the proven QB who will be around for several more seasons?  It should be clear and not a knock on Thompson, but what is best for the team.  I don't see Skylar being drafted or even being picked up by a NFL team.  I think Skylar Thompson takes on the role of (not relegated to) journeyman/mentor for Howard and Jake Rubley.


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I think Skylar is done at K-State. Great guy but remember scholarship #'s aren't changing. I bet the staff is good to go with Howard and Rubley. Thompson can become a GA or something if he wants to go that route. But I think the program is ready to go with the other two guys!

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