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Odds to win the National Championship


Oklahoma 15/1

Texas 40/1

At AT&T Stadium, we've been blocked from that website. Therefore, I couldn't tell you if they released more on their page.

Those are pretty good Texas odds.  I am not saying Texas will win it but I think 40/1 is a great value on a small bet ($150).  If Texas young defensive talent steps up and it gets some favorable bounces then Texas could win the Big 12.  With 1-2 losses and wins over OU and/or LSU Texas very well could be in the question for the CFP.  If it made the CFP then I would think Texas has a puncher's chance at least in the first round.  Tom Herman has been spectacular in big games.  I would look to sell that 40/1 bet either as soon as Texas made the CFP or if I was aggressive I would sell it to some bandwagon fan after Texas won in the first round.  Texas can't match an Alabama/Clemson just yet (who can?).

I agree but it will be tough for a two-loss Big 12 team to make it. Likely would need a lot of chaos, especially since it seems like the committee will give a two-loss SEC team the edge over a two-loss Big 12 team. I don't want to take that chance. But I'll say the ONLY two Big 12 teams who could ever get in with two losses is OU and Texas.

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