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OU-Texas to the SEC?

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Holy smokes -- what a day! I don't even know where to start.

But for those asking about the future of this website, let me say this: There is still a LONG ways to go with this story. My hope is no matter what, the Big 12 Conference continues to exist and we will continue to cover it. I started this site seven years ago with a laptop and a little bit of money. We now reach hundreds of thousands of Big 12 fans each month. I want that to continue with the community that we built. This site has been my baby and I've worked and thought about it every day for the last 2,000+ days of my life.

IF the Big 12 goes away? I don't plan to have this site go away. Could it look different? Yes. It will have to. How? That remains to be seen. And once again, it's a WAYs off from happening, so I'm not even thinking about it. I'm living in the moment and covering and opining on this news as best as I can, and our staff, most notably Derek Duke and Matthew Postins, will be doing the same exact thing.

As a wise man once told me, "Control the controllable". That's what we will be doing at Heartland College Sports and we hope you will join us for the ride!

--As for ALL this craziness -- I want your opinions below!


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Does anyone else need a drink or is it just me? I would love to hear from non-Texas and non-Oklahoma fans on this topic.

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If there is truth to this story (and from what I have heard there is) the likelyhood imo is the Big 12 would pilfer some AAC schools and keep going. I love this site and I know whatever happens Pete will find a way to keep things ROLLING

I feel kind of ridiculous admitting this, but I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight. It feels like the Big 12 is done. I would love for the remaining 8 to add some teams and keep going, but that doesn’t seem likely. Fair or not, I blame Texas more than OU. Texas has been nothing but a pain from Go. The Big 8 made a deal with the devil. We’ve already lost Nebraska, Colorado, and Mizzou thanks to Texas, and now the whole thing looks like it’s really going to blow up and scatter the remains of the Big 8 to the Pac, B1G … Mt. West. Oof.

Would/could OU leave without OSU?

ATM in no way wants to be in a conference with UT.

Will the Federal politician types in the states of universities holding the bag in this starting going after college football anti-trust?

Do the new NIL rules make this more plausible?

For every action, there is a reaction, did anybody game theory this out?  What is gonna go down, if this goes down?

The whole thing I find odd, is why top echelon schools want to former a super conference.  Somebody's got to lose.  Better to be with some slappies and get Ws.  If Bama, LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Clemson were all in a conference, somebody is going 1-7.

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Great comments, fellas. Thanks for all your continued support.

At this point it will take an act of the state legislatures in Oklahoma and Texas to not allow it. Oklahoma's because of what it might mean for OSU and then the political craziness in Texas could keep the Big 12 in tact.

My fear is that the rest of the Big 12 is already calling other conferences to line up moves ASAP. And why wouldn't they? IF so - that would be the end of the Big 12? And how much of this is Bob Bowlsby's fault? Did he stick his head in the sand the last 6 months? Or was all this inevitable.


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Apparently this word was on the street a couple months ago, at least to those in the know.  So I presume the ADs at the other schools have been planning for awhile for Plan B.

So this is a hunter/hunted scenario, along with what the political ties are of instate institutions with the public universities.  Texas and Tech?  OU and OSU?  KU and KSU?  ISU and WVU don't have in conference/in state political ties to help them out with carrots or sticks.

KU's basketball could save them (God knows football doesn't), but is the political climate such in Kansas that KU could go somewhere without K-State?  I bring that up because besides UT, KU and Iowa State are the only AAU universities in the B12.  Which is a big deal to the academic powers at universities.  Every institution in the Big10 is AAU, except Nebraska (which had it when they were invited, only to lose it 1 year after joining the B10, LOL)  So KU and ISU are the only academic fits if the B10 comes calling, but again, can KU go somewhere without K-State, and would the B10 take an institution in a state where they already have a presence?

Oklahoma State fan here.

Unfortunately it sounds as though this is happening.  Reportedly Texas has been shopping around for a few years now, and OU has partnered with them for survival reasons - they’re in dire financial condition.

The big question is will the current SEC schools vote them in?  Obviously Texas A&M is a no, and reportedly so are Arkansas and Missouri.  I’m curious as to how LSU votes - I don’t see how this would benefit LSU.

Assuming they’re allowed in, I don’t see the remaining 8 schools attracting any other Power 5 programs due to the uncertainty of the TV contracts after 2024.  Thus, the only option is to go after at least 4 of the major market AAC schools - SMU, Houston, Cincinnati, UCF, USF, etc., and hope that the additional major markets will lead to a new media contract in 2025 close to where we’ve been.

Tough day for the original Big 8 schools - with realignment, transfer portal and NIL, this is uncharted territory.

Yep, any doubt this might not happen is done after tonight. OU and TX did not show up to the Big 12 meeting:

I think the SEC has the votes. State legislatures are the best bet. I would like to see the Big 12 add four teams too, but I just wonder if the rest of the Big 12 teams are already making their own calls trying to get in the ACC, Big Ten, etc.?

Mr. Mundo, I would love to hear your take on the consequences of this moving forward, and whether it could potentially create further dominance by the SEC for another 20-30 years.

Even if this leads to the creation of super conferences (which we all knew was coming sooner or later), are there are enough programs remaining that can recruit the caliber of player needed on a consistent basis, to prevent further dominance should OU/UT go to the SEC?  With the potential for playoff expansion, this means more teams from that conference getting in.

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