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Question of the Day

If your favorite Big 12 team's football coach left today, which other Big 12 coach would you like to have as your head coach?

I feel like Lincoln Riley is the obvious choice, but I don't know if even he could rebuild my Jayhawk football program. He took over at an already very successful program and has kept it going strong, but can he build a program from the ground up? I don't think we could go wrong with Gary Patterson, Tom Herman, Matt Campbell, or Matt Rhule either. But with a gun to my head I say Riley.

Seeing that Iowa State has the best Defensive coordinator that is arguably the best defensive mind, with Patterson, in the conference. As well as a very good offensive coordinator fresh off a successful stint in the NFL in Tom Manning. We wouldn’t need a head coach that necessarily specializes in either, like Patterson does for defense and Riley does for offense. We would need a good leader that people would follow come hell or high water, essentially another Campbell. I think the other coaches that come close to that description are Gundy or Patterson. But Gundy would have to knock off the testing other waters to drive up his current price, which I doubt he would. So I am going Gary Patterson. I also think Heacock and Patterson have similar defensive mindsets/schemes so they would work together alright and may even put their minds together and invent some crazy never before seen immovable object of a defense.

For sure. I think it all depends on where your program is right now but I would assume that Lincoln Riley is the most popular answer here.

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