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Reviving this Forum

I have a few ideas that could resurrect this forum.

  1. Pay the article writers to also make forum post.
  2. Give away gift cards weekly to top community forum posters.
  3. Pay for advertising on popular sporting websites that link to this forum.
  4. Give away tickets to the Big 12 Basketball Tournament and Football Championship game.
  5. All of the above.

All these ideas would take money but should increase traffic and participation above the current monthly posting.  I'm also interested in any other ideas that might be out there. What else might save this forum?


Thanks @bulldoghot12 - as the site owner and person who invested in these forums, I am open to any and all ideas. I like many of your ideas as I am open to them. My goal was to make this a place for Big 12 fans to talk smack, meet each other, interact and have fun. But it seems like Twitter might have replaced that permanently, and then people have their own team message boards they use. I think Big 12 Basketball tournament tix would be a nice place to start if we can swing that. Do you know other forums who have tried some of these ideas? Thanks again and look forward to getting the Big 12 conversations going here!


Exciting news coming today... stay tuned.

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