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Silvio De Sousa Coming Back to KU

This is big news for KU and the entire Big 12 in 2019-20. Did the NCAA cave or was this the right move??


The one year he sat out was probably too much. He did nothing wrong, but his guardian did take around $2,500 I believe. Past infractions by other players at other schools only required a repayment and a dozen or so games lost. One or two seasons lost is defiantly an overreaction by the NCAA. The main reason I think this case was treated so severely is because of recent shoe company's court cases. The NCAA needs to change to clean up the sport and that doesn't happen by harshly punishing one player. New rules need to be enacted with standard punishments assigned. Punishments should never be handled on a whim by a person/people who could be influenced buy bias or the media.

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