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Tom Herman FIRED - what now?

This move makes NO sense to me... especially if Steve Sarkisian is the answer.

But now there are reports that Sarkisian may have turned down the job:

Even if he does accept, I don't get this move. I think Herman, with a great staff in place that had a tough time starting due to COVID, was poised to keep building in 2021?

Anyone else think this is crazy? or the right move?

Texas is going to Texas. This is completely on brand. Win conference titles or your out in 3-4 years. If Herman cant win after 4 years with his guys then maybe he wont ever. The faster they hire and fire coaches the quicker they will find the next Darrell Royal.

I guess. But he lost 3 games by 14 points. That's a tough spot with two new coordinators in a COVID year.

Maybe Steve Sarkisian will prove me wrong, but $35 mil is a lot for him... I am open ears, I don't like Tom Herman much, but Urban would've been nicer, ha.

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