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Week 1 Big 12 Games Thread

OK SOOO already Iowa State has gotten blown out by Louisiana. K-State is barely hanging on vs. Arkansas State. WVU is rolling and the games tonight should be close, but that Iowa State loss is brutal for everyone in the Big 12 because I think they'll still be solid, but now if Iowa State beats some top-tier Big 12 teams it won't look as good after their only non-conf game being a loss to the Ragin Cajuns.

How bad is this loss for ISU and the Big 12? And should Matt Campbell finally take some heat from folks in Ames for this loss?

WVU looked not bad in their game. hard to say if they looked good because of who they played.


1.wvu had 11 suspended players.
2. styles wvu won by running the boogercats(MU) did it by passing comping the eku oppnents.
3. wvu pulled its starters at the end of the 2nd, the boogercats pulled theirs at the end of the 3rd
4. eku was playing their 2nd game and had film to self-scout and improve.
5.WVU was very vanilla. like only ran 8-10 plays on offense out of multiple formations vanilla.

probably irrelevant to ISU. they are probably still the 3rd or 4th best team in the big 12 and it doesn't effect their conference record that I know of. if anything it probably helped by taking the media pressure of success of them.

Why would Campbell get heat when the local and national media have made his penchant for losing 5 games seem so noble? He's been knighted as one of the best and has done nothing but finish mid-table, they are the kings of being near the top of the conference at the mid point then farting to the end of the season.


They finished in 6th place last year and for the third year in a row, we had to hear that this was the year. Now they're on a 3 game losing streak, all by double digits, average losing margin of 17 points. Speaking of those last 3 losses and someone getting prematurely crowned, Brock Purdy's last 3 games


552 yards

1 TD


102.1 passer rating

That's probably the worst last 3 games of any of the Big 12 QBs who have played three games. 20 points lower than Skylar Thompson.

Both good points guys! Thanks for joining the convo and frankly I think there is a lot of truth to the ISU critiques. I've been really high on him and his teams the past two years and I've been WRONG both times....

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