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Week 2 Big 12 Football Thread

The Mountaineers looked AWFUL today. I thought they would lose but did not see that coming.

And while Kansas State crushed Bowling Green... I really want to see them against Mississippi State to see whether or not this team might shock us this fall.

Baylor UTSA - ho hum, same with the rest of the slate. CANT wait for Texas vs. LSU. Let's go!

Can LSU players STOP "cramping"?! It's so weird how I haven't seen any LSU offensive players crap up yet?? Hmmmmm

I have never been more exhausted after a football game than the Texas vs LSU game.  Fantastic atmosphere despite 100+ degree temperatures.  If Texas gets to Burrow half of a second earlier on 3rd and 17 then Texas gets the ball back with two minutes and this week we are talking about Sam Ehlinger's Heisman performance and Texas is ranked top 5.  Burrow just made a spectacular play throwing across his body while sidestepping to avoid three blitzers barreling in.  It was the best college football game I have attended and I have been to some great ones.  Disappointed but not depressed as a Texas fan.  Anyone who brings up the "TeXaS iS bAcK" memes is just trolling at this point.

Nobody else in the Big 12 really played anyone outside of Texas and West Virginia.  Outside of OU's and OSU's offense being really great it is hard to glean much else from the cupcake schedule that has been played so far.  Maybe my takeaways are that Iowa State has some work to do and West Virginia and Kansas are at the bottom of the pack.

WVU did look atrocious, almost as bad as Kansas...almost. Miles has his work cut out for him that is for sure, so does Brown. Cupcakes or not, Baylor, KSU, and OSU all looked really good. Tech and TCU have not really impressed.

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