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What punishment will Bill Self face?

After the news today that KU has been hammered with major NCAA violations:

What do you guys think will happen to Bill Self? Some think he's toast, I won't believe it until I see it.

I think his punishment should be he be required to coach five games without his toupee.

Actually, I'm with you, Pete. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm almost expecting a slap on the wrist. They've gotten away with stuff like this forever.

Absolutely @olathecat - and what's the point in firing Self now? They won't be able to hire anyone decent for the job with all the sanctions.

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Joe Mathieu

Looks like they're circling the wagons from the AD on down. Deny, deny, deny. Even Self's lawyers issued a statement!

I see nothing happening. UNC had a cheating scandal that could/should have cost them their accreditation, and it didn't. Kansas is a blue blood and the NCAA can't and won't allow something to happen to one of its darlings.

I'm curious to see the specifics of the violations. Billy Preston never played for Kansas, De Sousa already completed his one year suspension for taking $2,500, and Zion went to Duke. It seems all the evidence they have against Kansas is some text messages that might be inferred to suggest Bill Self was ok with Adidas directing players to them. That is against the rules but hardly rare. The entire system of Shoe companies legally paying for basketball leagues, camps, and coaches is built on influencing the best high school players to the schools associated with the shoe companies. All the top colleges are benefiting, especially all the Blue Bloods. The problem isn't Kansas, it the system.

I also don't think Kansas is the NCAA "darling" and will be spared from punishment. Duke and North Carolina aren't facing any punishments and they are even more obvious offenders. The NCAA wants to appear they are serious against corruption and Kansas will be the scapegoat.

Also fair points @bulldoghot12. Regardless, this story isn't close to being complete. Matthew Postins wrote about that this morning regarding what's next for Bill Self. Must read:

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