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What's wrong with KU?

The Jayhawks just lost their third straight game, losing to Oklahoma. I know there are some problems at KU, most notably with the lack of point guard play, but this is turning into a brutal season for Bill Self. It's interesting since Duke and Kentucky, fellow blue bloods, are also having down years.

But boy this conference is such a grind and fun to watch, week in, week out. The Jayhawks will make the tournament, but it'll be fascinating to see what happens the rest of the way for them.

I know blue bloods are not supposed to lose, or even rebuild, but it does happen. Just not often. KU just lost 2 great players, and leaders, to the draft. There are several great support players on the team, I just don't see any great leaders. Point guard play has been stellar in recent seasons with Frank Mason, Devonte Graham, and Devon Dotson. 3 All Americans, NBA players, with leadership dripping off of them. Now we have a great defender at point, just not the guy that rallies the troops. KU is known for its big men, but this year the only sizeable one is David McCormack. And he is doing his best disappearing act. How can the biggest guy on the team, and starting center, touch the ball less than his backup?

KU just needs an alpha dog to stand up, and I don't know if they have it this year. With another strong Big12 field the Jayhawks might only be .500 this year. Maybe next year we will see an alpha emerge.

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