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Which Bowl Game are you most interested in?

Below are a list of all the bowl games. Besides the obvious CFB Playoff game - I am dying to see Baylor smack around Georgia. I'm worried OSU won't be at full strength with no Tylan, Spencer or Chuba (if he decides not to play), but if they can whack around A&M, that would be fun. Texas vs. Utah is eh.... Iowa State punching Notre Dame in the face would be a blast. K-State vs. Navy is mildly intriguing, but I hate rooting against our military programs, so I would've preferred a different opponent from a Power 5 Conference. The Big 12 has sent eight teams before, so it feels like a lighter slate, but that's because it is. Only 6 teams are bowling this year, but I still can't wait. Keep an eye out for info on our Bowl Pick 'Em as well.

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